Play-in games: No points (not included in pool)
1st Round Games: 1 point each
2nd Round Games: 2 points each
Sweet Sixteen Games: 4 points each
Elite Eight Games: 8 points each
Final Four Games: 16 points each
Championship Game: 32 points

Upset Points
This pool uses upset points. Upset points are awarded in addition to the normal points given for picking the correct team in a game. We only award upset points for correctly picking upsets in the first round. Similar to last year, the number of upset points received will be determined by the seed differential. Upset points awarded = seed differential x .25. If you have any questions, contact me.

This pool is open to all my friends and family as well as their friends and family.

Bracket Errors / Late Entries
Please check your entry and verify that it is correct. Once the first tournament game has started (not including the “Play-in” games), your entry cannot be changed. It is your responsibility to check the teams listed on your bracket and report any errors to me immediately if you made a selection error. All brackets, including corrections, must be received by the start of the first games on Thursday.

Entry Fee
The entry fee is $10 per bracket. There is no limit to the number of brackets an individual may submit. Payment must be received in a timely manner or you may be disqualified unless previous arrangements have been made with me. Click here to see how to pay online. To pay by mail, please send to: Matthew Rich, 321 Archibald Lane, Dundas, MN 55019.

Referral Bonus
The person who refers the most people (as identified by the “pool contact” field on the brackets) will get $5 off their entry fee.

Bonus Prizes
100th Bracket — Chromecast
300th Bracket — Chromecast
Recruit 15 or more different people — Kindle Paperwhite
Random drawing — Apple TV
Random drawing — Roku 3
Random drawing — Kindle Paperwhite
Perfect region — Apple TV
Most points without getting the champ correct — Roku 3
Middle of the pack — iPad Mini w/Retina

In case of a tie, a tie-breaker will be used to determine the winner. The tie-breaker used will be: highest percentage of correct picks throughout the tournament. If brackets are still tied, then we’ll use the closest to correctly guessing the total number of points scored in the championship game. If the tie is still not broken, the players will split the appropriate prize(s).

The “Play-in” Games
The “Play-In” games will count for nothing in this pool.

Pool Contact(s)
We use a pool contact system to make sure we know everyone in the pool and there’s accountability. We have two levels of contact, Primary and Secondary. The Primary Pool Contact is the person who told you about this pool. If your primary contact doesn’t know me personally, then the Secondary Pool Contact is the person who connects your primary contact to the pool. For example, let’s say Steve told you about the pool. He’s your Primary Pool Contact. However, I don’t know Steve, so just listing Steve does little for accountability purposes. But, if we know that Steve found out about the pool because of captain of recruitment, James Haggar, you can list James Haggar as the Secondary Pool Contact and now the admin team knows how you’re connected to the pool and accountability arises. The pool contacts are ultimately responsible for the entry fee of any invitee brought in by the pool contact, so please keep that in mind before you start sending out your invitations.

Bracket Naming
Considering the number of brackets we receive, we’re forced to implement some tougher rules regarding the naming convention. Any bracket that does not conform to the following naming convention is subject to rejection. Please give both your first and last name. For the love of God, use proper capitalization. If you’re doing multiple brackets, please follow this simple method for entering your name on each bracket: John Smith, John Smith2, John Smith3, etc. Please note that the first bracket does not have a 1 after it. Please note that there are no spaces between the numbers and the last name.

The reports you’ll initially see on the website before the games start are limited because most of the reports contain team selection statistics. I don’t want last-minute entrants to have the benefit of knowing who everyone else has picked to win. As soon as the tournament starts the full reports will be made available.

Money breakdown
Total brackets multiplied by $10 = $17,190 (total money)
$17,190 (total money) – $25 (price for pool software) – $25 (Pool Partnership entries) – $XX (electronic payment fees) – $5 (referral bonus to XXX) – $100 (website/domain fee) – $XX (email expenses) – $125 (round champions) – $1000 (various tangible prizes(ipads, Rokus, etc.)) – $10 (last place) = $XXXX net prize money
$XXXX (net prize money) gets distributed to the the top 10 finishers as follows:
1st place (45%) minus $200 charitable contribution to selected non-profit
2nd place (20%)
3rd place (15%)
4th place (8%)
5th place (4.5%)
6th place (2.5%)
7th place (2%)
8th place (1.5%)
9th place (1%)
10th place (.5%)